7 Low-Maintenance Houseplants Can Survive All Year Round

7 Low-Maintenance Houseplants Can Survive All Year Round

Homiful.com -- There are numerous ways for houseplants to endure all four seasons. Particularly chilly and snowy conditions. However, it is very challenging to keep the plants green and ensure their long growth. We advise choosing plants that can grow well, require little care, and possibly last all year long, especially for beginners.

ZZ plants


The ZZ plant is an evergreen gem with glossy, waxy leaves. This hardy plant, unlike some others, doesn't even turn brown in the winter. With simple maintenance, zz plants can flourish in dimly lit spaces and even look fantastic in the winter.



A type of tiny succulent known as a haworthia frequently resembles aloe vera. Numerous varieties of this plant have unusual shapes. If planter in a small pot, they frequently have a distinctive appearance. The majority of these plants thrive indoors, even in the height of summer, but be sure to give them plenty of ventilation.

Snake plant


There are so many supporters of this plant that they can no longer be counted. Snake plants are a particular kind of plant that thrives in all dimly lit spaces, can withstand drought, and are also useful as air purifiers.

Ponytail Palm


This ponytail palm has drought resistance if you want a plant that gives the appearance of a tree in a room. Grows vigorously with long leaves and textured, thick stems.

Rubber tree


The rubber plant is one indoor plant that thrives indoors and requires little maintenance. When grown outdoors, it is well-liked as a tree plant and thrives in low light conditions indoors. Pay attention to the right water and temperature levels to ensure that the plants continue to grow healthily throughout the year.

Aloe Vera


The next plant is aloe vera, a robust succulent that stores water in its leaves. Despite inconsistent watering, this plant survive for a long time. Is a desert plant that enjoys being placed near windowsill or in the sun.

String of pearls


A hanging succulent that thrives in all environments is called a string of pearls. This plant can survive a very long time and requires little maintenance, even if grown indoors. It is very simple for beginners to learn how to propagate it.

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