Good Luck Plants To Bring Home Some Positive Energy offers beauty and health benefits for your home or garden area, and plants can also give you luck. Good luck plants are especially popular during Chinese New Year or other Chinese festivals. And here we have some Good Luck Plants To Bring Home Some Positive Energy. Check it out!



The first option is Peony. This beautiful flower gives romance, good fortune, riches, honor, and compassion. You can put them indoors or outdoors to enliven the environment.



Eucalyptus has characteristics that bring a soothing scent and are associated with cleanliness and a fresh start. You can grow this plant indoors as a good luck plant. Put the Eucalyptus in an area with warmth and humidity. Like in the bathroom or kitchen area.

Ficus retusa (Ginseng Ficus)


Native to Southeast Asia, Ginseng Ficus has a type of fig tree and usually grows as bonsai. This plant is easy to care for and perfect for good luck in Feng Sui. Thick roots grow above the soil with dark green, oval-shaped leaves above, giving the tree a unique and easy-to-identify appearance.

Citrus Trees


Citrus is a delicious fruit that also can place in your home for good luck plants. Usually, this plant is popular as a gift to celebrate Chinese New Year. This plant requires specialized care, so research its care needs first to decide if it's right for you.

Crassula ovata (Jade)


Crassula ovata is a beautiful and stunning houseplant that has small, round, and vibrant leaves that resemble jade coins. They can bring wealth when placed on the east side area. 

Besides then, this houseplant is easy maintenance but has specific water needs. Adequate water and sunlight are essential for the plant's health.

Lavender (Lavandula)


Mostly used as aromatherapy, Lavender also has a good luck plant. And usually, this plant grows outdoors as a lush plant. But, you also can grow them indoors in a pot. It does well in dry conditions and needs proper drainage and air circulation to thrive.

Money Tree


Even if this plant has the name money tree, but they do not mean bringing financial luck to your home. 

Can call with good luck plant it's mean that Money Tree effective when placed in the wealth corner area. Which is at the southeast corner of the home for good Feng Sui. They are also easy to grow indoors and give stunning nuance.

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