7 Kitchen Plants that Grow In Water

Homiful.com -- Are you looking for a plant to grow in your kitchen? It turns out that you can grow a variety of plants in your kitchen. Herbaceous plants are among them. There is no need for soil, plants can even be grown in water.
If you're interested, we'll share 7 water-growing kitchen plants! Let's take a look a the review below!

1. Rosemary


Rosemary is one of the herbs that is easy to grow indoors. This plant can even be propagated in water. You can use stem cuttings. Continue by placing the rosemary rods in a glass jar.

2. Thyme


The second kitchen plant is thyme. This plant is one of the popular herb plants. Thyme is commonly used for delicious tea drinks.
The plant is easy to grow in water, approximately 2-3 weeks.

3. Sage


Sage is a useful plant. The plant has low care, Sage can even grow well in the kitchen. Use the cuttings method, until the roots grow at the bottom.

4. Basil


If you are looking for the best kitchen plants, Basil is at the top of the list. Basil is a useful plant for seasoning dishes.
The plant is very easy to grow, and suitable for novice gardeners.

5. Green onion plant


Another versatile plant is the green onion plant. This plant is used for cooking seasoning. Green onion plants are also easy to grow.
You just need to lay on the glass until the roots grow.

6. Oregano


Your dishes will taste more delicious if oregano is added. This kitchen plant has a strong aroma. You can grow them on a cup or glass jar.

7. Peppermint


Peppermint is a plant that can grow well even in water. You can grow peppermint easily at home. Put it in the kitchen or part of the kitchen window sill.

That's 7 kitchen plants that grow in water. Hope it is useful.

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