Easy Care Guide for Anthurium Andraeanum

Homiful.com -- Not all plants have the same treatment. Some like bright light, some like shady areas. Small things that you don't pay attention to when caring for plants, can make your plants wither and even die. This time, we will discuss the treatment of beautiful red flowering plants. For more detailed care, check the Easy Care Guide for Anthurium Andraeanum.



If you want to have it as a potted houseplant, Anthurium prefers a rich potting mix with good drainage to keep water flowing. The use of rich soil will help maintain the moisture that these lovely plants love so much. Use a mix of orchids, sand, and a bit of peat moss for this Anthurium pot.



Placement for this anthurium is very important to consider the light requirements it likes. This plant likes bright, indirect light to help maximize the growth of beautiful and bright flowers. Bright, indirect light will scorch the leaves and flowers, while dim light will slow growth and produce suboptimal blooms. Place in an area that receives 6 hours of indirect sunlight.



Since anthuriums like soil that is kept moist, don't let them dry out completely. Do the watering about once a week and increase the intensity on hot days. To maintain the best humidity, you can place the pot on a tray filled with water and gravel.



Fertilization is done to help the plants grow better and can also help the flowering of this anthurium. Fertilize once a month during the growing season. Use a complete quarter strength liquid fertilizer. Fertilizers that are high in phosphorus will help the flowers bloom more.



Repotting is very important to do so that the plant continues to get the right nutrients. Usually, repotting is done when the roots have clumped and filled the pot even out of the drainage holes, so there is no soil left for them to grow. When this happens, immediately move it to a pot with a larger size with good soil composition.

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