7 Fascinating Things Everyone With An Aloe Plant Needs to Know

Homiful.com -- The aloe plant is not only famous for its benefit as a natural gel for skin health. Aloe vera plant is also popular houseplant because they are easy to care for. Repeated neglect still allows aloe vera to thrive, as long as you place it in their favorable condition.

There are some interesting things about this plant, you need to know in 7 Fascinating Things Everyone With An Aloe Plant Needs to Know.

Lush and chunky aloe vera


You can grow aloe vera which grows lush and thick. Over-watering is not the same as them retaining more water, but it can lead it to rot. Grow the plant like a succulent, water it when it's really thirsty. See if the soil is dry out, then water the aloe vera till the water drain from the drainage holes. When thirsty, aloe vera will keep more water in its leaves.

Grow your aloe vera in a straight way


Aloe vera that you plant outside, it will get ideal sunlight. That way, they can grow straight and upright. However, when you bring aloe vera indoor, their growth can be sideways.

Try to train aloe to grow straight. You can use a string to tie aloe off the crown. For 5 days, untie the knot, and aloe will grow upwards.

Don't let your aloe vera burn


Aloe vera does not tolerate constant exposure to sunlight. Overexposure to direct sunlight will make them get sunburned. You may notice the leaves wilt and turn brown because of this. Place it in a bright place, but not in too much direct sunlight.

Propagate it with aloe's pups


You may want to multiply aloe vera for its benefits as an air-purifying plant. Not that the cutting method for propagation is less successful for this spiky plant. It's better to multiply aloe from pups or the baby's aloe that attached to the mother plant. It's good for replanting.

Aloe is not cactus


Aloe vera isn't cactus-like plant, just because they are contain 99% water. The way to grow is indeed similar to cacti or other succulents, but aloe is not resistant to over heat and over-direct sunlight. Aloe vera is more closely related to the lily plant which produce flowers.

Don't let it rot


The problem with aloe vera comes from its rooting roots. That could cause crucial problems to its growth. One of the causes is the soil is too moist and the pot doesn't have good drainage. Remove and trim rotten roots, let the plant dry before replanting in ideal soil.

Enjoy a thousand benefits


Aloe vera is known for is many benefits. You can use natural aloe vera gel to treat sunburn or other skin health, but it's better to consult to your doctor first. In addition, aloe vera has the advantage of filtering air toxins and radiation exposure thus making the air quality in the home clean and healthy.

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