7 Outstanding Round Leaf Houseplant Look Awesome

7 Outstanding Round Leaf Houseplant Look Awesome

Homiful.com -- You can choose from a wide variety of plant collections to decorate your home. From the color, type, size and unique pattern of leaves that can look amazing. These ornamental plants have an attractive appearance that can be easily grown as a collection of your ornamental plants.

Eucalyptus Cinerea - Silver Dollar


Plant that are relatively short in size and often used as collections are eucalyptus with evergreen leaves. The leaves of this round shape, silver and attractive silver color have a gray stem surface.

Hoya Brevialata


Hoya is an ornamental plant that is often found in gardeners. This type of brevialata has waxy red and white leaves that are very fragrant. Expanding vines by bundling closer together.

Calathea Orbifolia


Calathea is a popular plant favored by ornamental plant lovers. This round leaf shape with roughly rounded outlines can grow up to 13 inches tall. This plant has a characteristic red stem on the leaves.

String of Turtles


This turtle string is a peperomia which belong to a small succulent species from the Brazilian rainforest. This plant thrives in warm climates by growing vines. Small size with 

Cissus Rotundifolia


There is a sizeable group of ornamental plants known as cissus that thrive in tropical climates all over the world. This plant grows in warm climates to semi-arid climates. Your rounded leaves enhance the look of a room counter and are generally oval and jagged around the edges.

Pilea Peperomioides 


Chinese money plants are referred to as having round leaves that resemble coins and are popular. Because it is regarded as a plant of extraordinary luck, this plant is very well-liked among gardeners. Easy maintenance can provide physical and mental benefits for the owner.

Dischidia Nummularia


Dischidia is a true hanging plant that you can have at home. With its rounded shape and occasionally coin-like appearance, this plant has an unusual appearance. These plants grow well with moderate lighting and they can absorb the CO2 produced by ornamental plants.

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