7 Beautiful Rainbow Foliage Houseplants

 Homiful.com - Adding tints in your home can bring pretty and alive nuance. Besides the stuff to enliven the design, you can use the houseplant with colorful foliage or flowers to enhance the interior. Look at these 7 Beautiful Rainbow Foliage Houseplants. Check it out!



Caladium is a beautiful houseplant that has colorful midribs. With a lot of varieties of Caladium, they have diverse shapes and margins. You can put them in your indoor area as decoration.

Begonia Ginny Galaxy


Begonia Ginny Galaxy is a unique houseplant with interesting foliage color and pattern. They offer green leaves splashed in pink color with a touch of silver and burgundy red variegation. Besides at home, you can place this houseplant in an office or formal room.

Coleus (Rainbow Festive Dance)


Rainbow Festive Dance or Coleus is a beautiful houseplant with rainbow foliage. They display rich bronze or chocolate brown leaves with a fiery orange or maroon center and light green edges.

Pink Rubber Plant


Can grow in the indoor area, Pink Rubber Plant also has beautiful rainbow colors to enliven your home. They will display yellow, pink, beige, or red spots on thick, shiny foliage.

Bush On Fire Croton


Croton is best to grow in both indoor and outdoor areas. The beautiful foliage show red, green, pink, and yellow shades. Put them in a suitable space to enhance your abode.

Tradescantia Spathacea 'Rhoeo Tricolor'


Another popular rainbow houseplant that is suitable for your home is Tradescantia or Moses in the Cradle. They show beautiful foliage by forming a rosette of narrow, sword-like, spiral-shaped dark green leaves with pink margins, creamy white streaks, and purple undersides.

Kalanchoe Humilis


Part of a succulent, this houseplant is perfect to enhance your house with its rainbow features. Kalanchoe produces thick and pale green egg-shaped foliage patterned with maroon or purple streaks on a branched woody base.

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