7 Colorful Indoor Plants to Warm the Winter


7 Colorful Indoor Plants to Warm the Winter

Homiful.com -- Houseplant can revitalize you after a long winter. When winter arrives, ornamental plants could be the perfect companion. Because not all houseplant live for years. This summary includes a list of favorite houseplant that will add color and warmth to your home for months on end. 



This primrose plant is an excellent choice for small spaces. Cyclamen is a popular plant because of its lovely foliage and colorful flowers, which can be white, pink, purple, or red. This plant looks great on a windowsill or table at home.

Calathea Orbifolia


Calathea orbifolia is a popular and well-liked ornamental plant among plant enthusiast. This plant is beautiful and distinctive, with round leaves that are native to Bolivia. Grows well in warm environments and temperatures around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with distinctive red stems on the leaves.



Many ornamental plants, including this alocasia, can make a dramatic impression in the home. Glossy leaves with large white veins on top and purple veins on the bottom can give a room an eclectic feel. With indirect bright light, it can grow up to 2 feet tall and wide.

Cactus for Christmas 


It belongs to the genus Schlumbergera and can bloom in vibrant colors such as pink, purple, yellow, white, or red. 

This plant is frequently used in hanging baskets during the Christmas season and will brighten up a cold Christmas atmosphere. This plant can grow even more with easy growth and proper care.



Perhaps coleus is best known as a plant with purple leaves or a complex pattern on the leaves. With its yellow leaves, this type will liven up the room. Coleus is primarily a tropical plant can be grown outdoors in direct sunlight. However, do not allow it to completely dry. Take care of the watering so that it lasts a long time.



Kalanchoe is  a succulent plant with small green leaves and small flowers. However, this plant is in high demand due to its bright appearance and vigor. Its numerous fans make is simple for gardeners to propagate this plant, which can help it spread.

Gerbera daisy


During the Christmas season, a beautiful flower in a bright color will be used to decorate the house. With proper growth and longevity, this gerbera will bring summer cheer to the home. Keep in a room with a window that receives some natural light every day.

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