7 Best Climbing Plant with White Flowers

 Homiful.com - Enhance your garden with vines that bloom white flowers. It will give elegant vibes to your garden area. Not only is the garden for the white vines, but you can also place them in a pergola area, porch, and other. Then, look at these 7 Best Climbing Plants with White Flowers. Check it out!

Southern Dewberry (Rubus canadensis)


Part of the perennial vine, Southern Dewberry produces small and ornamental white flowers. The flowers bloom in spring or late winter. This plant needs abundant moisture and is used in xeriscaping.

White wisteria


Or can call White Japanese Wisteria, this plant has a beautiful white flower with fragrance. The flowers of this plant cascade down from the vines that happen in spring or summer. You can use this plant to complete the garden landscaping or enhance the environment.

Dahlia or Bleeding Heart (Clerodendrum thomsoniae)


Like the name, the flowers look like bleeding hearts with a red tint at the ends and white for the other. This vine features delicate heart-shaped leaves. They will bloom during spring.

Clematis terniflora


At first glance, it looks like a jasmine flower. This perennial vine features cream, silver, or white flowers. They are perfect to increase your yard or fence area with beautiful white flowers and green leaves. Avoid this plant from overwatering and expose it to plenty of sunlight for the best growth.

White bougainvillea


This popular houseplant is perfect to enhance your environment with its white flowers. The flowers can bloom all year round, so you will enjoy them every time with the right maintenance of course. You can use this plant to decorate the yard, hedges, border plants, and more.

Mandevilla or trumpet-shaped flowers


Part of a tropical plant, Mandevilla has beautiful white flowers with a trumpet shape. They can grow easily and bloom in pink and white color. Place this plant in your yard or terrace. They can grow and climb the trellis or wall for beautiful decoration.

Iceberg Roses (Rosa Korbin)


Rose can grow climbing and have various colors. They can be a striking addition to the garden with their beautiful flowers. And another benefit of growing these plants, they are low-maintenance houseplants and also have good fragrances.

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