Six Lovely Plant in the Best Possible Shade for a North-Facing Wall

Six Lovely Plant in the Best Possible Shade for a North-Facing Wall -- A plant that can thrive in full shade is a joy to have. Because, aside from not necessitating frequent treatment. You can leave it without having to relocate it to a hot location when summer arrives. In the afternoon, you can place the plant in an area that is filtered by the hot sun. 

Not all plants can thrives in complete darkness. You can put it anywhere in the house, but especially on the windowsill facing north. However, we have recommended some plants that grow well in full shade and have the following very attractive appearance.

Begonia Tuberous


Tuberous begonia are plants with a large number of varieties. Unlike wax begonia, these begonias prefer shade and cannot tolerate full sun. This tuber-shaped plant should be planter after the threat of frost has passed.



This annual plants is a good ground cover plant because it blooms better in the sun. Bugleweed has beautiful blue flowers that appear in May and June and can grow up to 8 feet tall and spread quickly.



Impatien is  one of the most popular shady sleeping plants. This blooming plant tolerates low light levels and require frequent watering. This plant comes in a variety of colors including red, white, pink, purple, and orange. Prefers moist soil with good drainage.

Hydrangea Climbing


This hydrangea is quite distinct from others. Grows longer and turns north. This is the best plant to propagate to the trunk in order for it to bloom well. It can reach a length of 50 feet and spreads as a ground cover.

Wax Begonia


The wax begonia plant is a fiber-rooted plant that forms a mound of vegetated leaves. Small varieties grow to about 6 - 8 inches tall, white tall varieties grow to about 10 - 12 inches tall. This plant thrives in both shade and full sun. White, pink, and bicolor varieties are available.



This lovely houseplant grows in the shade and has classic leaves. Plantain lily is another name for hosta. This plant is known for its beautiful green leaves rather than its flowers. It grows quickly and is vulnerable to snail damage, especially when the soil is heavily pounded. White and lavender varieties thrive in full shade.

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