7 Beautiful Caladium Varieties for Containers & Garden Beds

 Homiful.com - Variety of Caladium can add drama for your home and garden. This elegant plant can grow in shade area and also have various color. You can look at these 7 Beautiful Caladium Varieties for Containers & Garden Beds. Check it out!

Caladium Aaron


Aaron caladium is a dense herbaceous annual with a mounded form. With luminous white leaves and feathered dark green margins, it can bring fancy and soothing vibes. Caladium aaron can tolerate some sun and excellent in shaded beds and borders or containers.

Caladium Pretty Pink


This type of Caladium has beautiful pink to grow. Caladium pretty pink can grow up to 12-35-inches. You can place them at indoor that can bring pretty looks and charm lively.

Caladium Candidum sr.


Combination between white and green make Caladium candidum sr. look pretty and interest for garden beds. They produce large leaves and has thin deep green veins. Great variety to brighten up a shady area at your garden area.

Caladium Strawberry Star


Caladium strawberry star look fancy with their unique and cute leaf. Their leaves have light green, pink speckled, and dark green veins and stems. This plant also can stand tall in sun or shade area.

Caladium Festivia


Take dark red hue with green border and veins, this sign can definite age of Caladium festivia. You can put them in warm and humid corners of the house. This fancy plant prefers in shade to sun.

Caladium Dark Choco


As perennial plant, Caladium dark choco can be growing in bright shade to shade. They also tolerant with humidity and verticillium wilt resistant.

Caladium Military


This fantastic plant has deep green with white or soft green color at the leaves. Called military because this variety has a military pattern at their leaf's surface.

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