Crassula Ovata - How to Grow a Red Jade Plant

Crassula Ovata - How to Grow a Red Jade Plant -- The jade plant is a lovely succulent with a bonsai-like small tree. These plants are not only easto to care for and tolerate, bu they can also live for nearly 100 years if properly cared for. This plant is known by many different names, and one of the most interesting parts is the red tips; you can have a red jade plant by following the steps below:

Vary your exposure


Jade plant can be colored by placing them in a shaded area for 1 to 2 weeks and watering them less frequently than usual. You can re-locate this plant to a location with plenty of sunlight. Plant's red color can be enhanced by varying exposures.

Additional lighting


Succulent plants thrive best in direct sunlight. Also, give this jade plant at least 4 - 5 hours to get a plant with a lovely red tip. It will produce green foliage if grown indoors or in shady location/

Allow it to cool for a few minutes


A cooler or lower temperature of 8 - 10 degrees Celsius for about 4 -5 hours per day can change the color of this plant's leaf this to turn red. You can change the color of the leaves by exposing this plant to a hotter environment.

Please give some clay


The next method for turning your jade plant red the ends is to mix the most dry soil with the jade plant.

Don't overwater your plants


Watering the jade plant on a regular basis can help to keep the leaves fresh and green. You can keep it in place with red. Water only when the soil is completely dry, which should be in 7 - 10 days. However, being too careless with the plant can cause it to die.

Cultivate red varieties


The best way to obtain a red jade plant is to select one with naturally red leaves. These are the best jade plants to grow with red, such as Harbor Light, Hummel's Sunset, and Red Flames.

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