7 ZZ Plant Problems (And How to Fix Them)

 Homiful.com - Perfect for a beginner because of their low maintenance, ZZ plant is a delightful houseplant with glossy green leaves and interesting upright, curving stems. 

They also can tolerant in drought and survive in lower light. But, ZZ plant also have their own problem between the growth. Check these ZZ Plant Problems And How to Fix Them below.

Turning Yellow


The leaves of ZZ plants that turning yellow, commonly due to overwatering. It tends to happen in lower and older leaves. 

This case maybe can due to excessive sunlight, pests, acclimation, or the temperature. You can pay attention these following for this issue:

  • Firstly, check overwatering at ZZ plants, that common cause of yellow leaves.
  • Newly purchase ZZ plants often go through an acclimation process
  • Scorch in excess light can turn yellow or brown leaves. Especially if you let the ZZ plant a lot of direct sun per day, that can cause this issue.

Not Growing New Leaves


Do your ZZ plants not growing new leaves? To know, ZZ plants prefer in bright, indirect light. And if your ZZ plants have this issue, maybe can cause by insufficient light. 

Cool temperature also can cause of stress and get effect with your ZZ plants to not growing. Try these ways that can help your ZZ plants to growing new leaves:

  • Get repotting for ZZ plants that can help them from root bound
  • Fertilizer also can cause this issue. But, overfertilizing can damage for roots, preventing new growth. Just fertilize the ZZ plants a few times per year for optimal grow.
  • Acclimation can also prevent ZZ plants from growing.
  • Drafts, pests, or disease, and other sources can prevent the ZZ plants from growing the new leaves.

Has Brown Tips


Brown leaves at ZZ plants commonly cause by overwatering. Besides then, dehydration, excess heat/light, overfertilizing, or low humidity also can get this issue. Pay attention to these to identify the cause and prevent brown tips on ZZ plants:

  • Excessively low humidity, ZZ plants don't require high humidity to remain healthy.
  • Make sure that your plant out of range of hot or cold from heating or cooling appliances, or from drafty windows.
  • Excess light. ZZ plants can do their best in bright, indirect light.

The New Growth is Light Green


Normally, new growth of ZZ plant's leaves is light green and will slowly dark, like older leaves. And if you have light green in long period, maybe cause from nutrient deficient. 

If the foliage very thin and spindly or doesn't darken over time, consider nutrient deficiency as a potential cause. Make sure the other areas of care are being addressed to ensure there is no other issue impeding growth.

Root Bulb Exposed


Root bulb of ZZ plants can become exposed over time due to soil getting washed away from repeated watering. And the roots can becoming root bound over time. 

Exposed root bulb can sign of an unhealthy plant.  If it's coming, it's mean that you need repotting ZZ plants. 

While potting ZZ plants, you can fill the pot to the level of the base of the stems, so the rhizome or root covered soil.

ZZ Plant Stalks are Falling Over


ZZ plant stalks falling over commonly cause overwatering. Which is to leads to soft, rotting stems, that are unable to support the weight of the rest of the stem. But, it also can happen to a plant that grow in low light condition. 

To fix it, maybe you can change the position of ZZ plant with light source. The best remedy to this is rotating the plants a little every few weeks to keep the growth as upright as possible. 

This will produce a healthier and more visually appealing plant, and the stalks won't topple over.

The Leaves are Curling


Curling leaves on ZZ plant is reduced the surface area of the leaves and reduce the amount of water loss. And this issue normally due to a lack of water available for the leaves to use. 

Besides then, excess heat, pests, or very low humidity can cause leaf curling. You can do some of the things below:

  • Check the lighting. Losing water can be caused from excess direct sunlight.
  • Look for the signs of overwatering or underwatering.
  • In very arid conditions, particularly when temperatures are warm, you may also see ZZ plant leaves curling.
  • Many pests like to feed on ZZ plants, sucking the juices from the leaves.

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