8 Good and Worst Feng Shui Plants For The Home

Homiful.com -- Plants in the home not only add beauty but also create a peaceful natural atmosphere. Ornamental plants, according to Feng shui, can provide both Positive and negative energy in the room. To create positive energy in your dream house, you must first learn about Feng shui.
We've compiled a list of the 8 good and worst Feng shui plants for the Home just for you! Let's wait for the verdict!

Good Plant

1. Areca Palm


According to NASA research, Areca palm is included in the top list of plants that can purify the air well indoors.
Meanwhile, according to Feng shui, Areca palm at home is believed to bring peace, bring positive energy, and reduce negative energy.

2. Lucky Bamboo


As the name implies, lucky bamboo is a plant that is believed to bring good luck at home. This is also true according to Feng shui.
Three sticks of Lucky bamboo symbolize your happiness..
The plant is also easy to grow. 

3. Boston Fern


Boston fern is one of the best indoor plants that has low maintenance. They can even grow in a low-light room.
This plant is also believed to carry positive energy according to Feng shui. You can hang them or put on the plant stand.

4. Snake plant 


If you are looking for indoor plants that are easy to grow and also have low maintenance, Snake plants are great plants to grow.

The plant is perfect for novice gardeners.

Snake plant has a characteristic vertically growing leaf that symbolizes positive energy flowing upwards.

5. Golden Pothos


These vines have low maintenance and are easy to propagate. Golden pothos brings the influence of positive energy in the house according to Feng shui.

Golden pothos can grow in any conditions even in water.

6. Jade plant


Jade plant is a tiny plant that is commonly used as a gift. This plant according to Feng shui can bring wealth and prosperity.

Jade plant is one of the best Succulent that you can grow at home. They have leaves with a shape similar to coins.

Worst or Bad Plant

7. Dying Plant


plants that are dying in the house according to Feng shui can reduce positive energy and bring negative energy.
If you have a dying plant, you should cut off the diseased area as quickly as possible.

8. Spicky plant


plants that have sharp spines like cacti are considered to carry negative energy according Feng shui. Although cacti are a popular and interesting plant.
But this plant is believed to bring inconvenience while at home.

Those are the 8 good and worst Feng shui plants for the home. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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Author : Hafsah
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