7 Pest-repelling Plants and Herbs

7 Pest-repelling Plants and Herbs

Homiful.com -- When caring for ornamental plants or vegetables, different pests mush be avoided at all times. One of the most common threats is the presence of insect or snakes, which can cause plants to wither or even die. In addition to being able to overcome pests with pesticides, you can use other plants that pests dislike. You can select from the following seven plant types:



Lavender, a mint family variety, is a herb that has been used for centuries. Many people enjoy the scent of lavender, but insects do not. Plant in a sunny location to repel pests such as fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and moths. 



The petunia is an annual flower with bright colors that can protect your vegetable garden. Flowering plants that have a mild licorice aroma and repel tomato worms, beetles, and aphids. Furthemore, using hanging baskets that will bloom all summer in full sun is the best option for making it as a home decoration.



Rosemary is an ornamental plant that caterpillars dislike. Although it is commonly used as a food spice, this plant has a strong odor that attracts caterpillar pests. Use it as a garden plant or in the kitchen to keep insect pests a bay.



Mint leaves are effective natural mosquito repellents and are frequently used as food accompaniments, decorations, or candy. This fast-growing plant that spreads across the lawn is extremely difficult to remove. Pruning is necessary on a regular basis because it grows quickly and propagates.



This plant's leaves are natural ingredients for natural pests, in addition to being used to mix spices in food. For some insects, the aroma is fresh and slightly pungent; you can plant this plant around the garden to deter pests.



This marigold's strong aroma repels mosquitoes, plant lice, aphids, and rabbits. This annual plant spreads easily in the yard and comes in a variety of colors with lovely flowers. Direct sunlight promotes growth.



Garden plants that are commonly planted around the yard can help keep various insects at bay. Fleas, mites, ants, beetles, and cockroaches because this plant emits a slightly pungent odor for some of these insects and is frequently used as an ingredient in household insecticides.

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