8 Best Window Plants to Liven Up Your Space

 Homiful.com - Adding window plants is perfect to freshen up your home. The best window for a plant depends on how much light that plant needs. The closer it is to the window, the more sun the plant will absorb. So, check out these 8 Best Window Plants to Liven Up Your Space.

Alocasia amazonica


Native to southeast Asia Alocasia amazonica or elephant's ear is perfect to place a window area. This tropical plant has striking, dark green leaves with brightly contrasting ribs and margins. 

Care for this houseplant by put at bright, indirect light. They're also tolerant of part shade. Keep the soil moist and use well-draining soil. Notes for you, Alocasia amazonica is toxic for cats and dogs.

Aechmea fasciata (Urn Plant)


Aechmea fasciata is a flowering plant that includes the Bromeliad family. Native to Brazil, they are also known as silver vase plants. In rainforest habitats, the plant's leaves funnel water to its urn-like center, which should be kept full of water indoors. This houseplant is safe for cats and dogs.

Thimble Cactus


Tolerant to drought and can withstand extreme heat, Thimble Cactus can place in a window area. This compact cactus produces light yellow or white flowers in spring and summer and features delicate spines surrounding each stumpy stem in attractive, symmetrical patterns. They need bright sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.

Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Fly Trap)


Venus fly trap is a perennial herb that is some of the most recognizable plants in the country. These plants include Carnivora, which feeds on beetles, spiders, and other crawling arthropods. 

And it's also toxic for cats and dogs in your home area. You can soak the soil and allow it to dry halfway down the pot before re-watering.

Gold Fish Plant


Like their name, the goldfish plant has the shape and color of its vibrant blooms. Native to Central and South America, they can thrive in containers and bright windowsills. 

Get the light in a medium, indirect light, I mean you can place them at the east-facing window.  This houseplant is also nontoxic for cats and dogs.

Golden Pothos


One of the popular houseplants and often found, Golden Pothos is perfect as your window plant. They can grow climbing and has attractive features. Set the soil in a well-draining potting mix. 

And water this houseplant when the top inch of soil has dried. To know how Pothos gets overwatering, you can see the yellow leaves that indicate it.

Pencil Cactus


Including succulent, Pencil cactus produces thick branches with narrow stems and yellow flowers in the warmer months. You can put them as window plants that will get full sun to thrive. Get infrequently watering, and let the soil dry out before watering again.



Can use as herbs or tea, Rosemary is ideal to put as window plants. Native to the Mediterranean, they can thrive in bright sun (can take direct light). You can keep the soil slightly dry while watering this plant. They are also nontoxic for cats and dogs.

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