7 Ways to Transform your Living Space Into an Urban Jungle

7 Ways to Transform your Living Space Into an Urban Jungle

Homiful.com -- Adding wall shelves is one of the best methods to transform a room's decor into an urban jungle. However, most do not have to be with plant racks. You may make some intriguing arrangements without changing the design of the space too much and become a popular choice.

Creating a new oasis in the room with a jungle feel can generate a wonderful image and a shady residence. Check out these 7 ways to decorate a room in your home with an urban jungle motif.

Select the appropriate plant


It is critical to use the correct live decorative plants to create the sensation of an urban jungle at home. Prepare ahead of time by researching which plants can be brought into the area and do not require additional sunshine.

When selecting a plant, make sure to consider the soil, watering, and lighting requirements. Monstera, Pothos, Philodendron, Hoya and Ponytail are excellent indoor plants that provide the appearance of an urban jungle.

Plants should be arranged in accordance with their placement


After selecting the suitable varieties of plants, ensure that they are properly and effectively arranged in the room. Waterin, irradiating, and providing fertilizer to keep plants healthy can also be made easier by grouping plants. In this region, for example, you can design a room with an urban jungle theme using vertical garden ornaments and a location near the room window.

Add dimension to the room


Plants can be arranged in an urban jungle-style room by placing them around the windowsill to allow them to get partial sunlight. Without a planting rack, properly arrange all varieties of plants in identical pots. This method can assist in avoiding a congested space.

Use environmentally friendly furnishing


Using eco-friendly furnishing throughout, you may create a pleasant, homey ambiance in your urban jungle house. For example, choose rattan chairs and tables to create a contrast with your decorative plants. Like in this area, which also employs a matched combination with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Ensure that natural light enters the room


Lighting is required not only for beautiful plants, but you can also make a larger space get light by having a whole window look like a studio while designing an urban forest house. This will allow more light into the space and make the urban forest design of your home more refreshing.

A lot of  glass windows


You'll never be able to replicate an urban jungle concept in your home. Even placing plants near the window does not appear to provide the best view of the space. With this design, you can utilize the space in a sustainable manner by utilizing a whole wall of glass windows to truly showcase green and refreshing appearance.

Include cabinet shelves


While the preferred decor for urban woods in the home is to use a cabinet or similar shelf made of natural materials. Display  the entire cabinet space on the wall to be filled with a variety of high-quality ornamental plants and other decorations that liven up the urban jungle mood.

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