How to Successfully Cultivate Oxalis Triangularis

How to Successfully Cultivate Oxalis Triangularis -- Many people like oxalis which is a sort of decorative plant with purple leaves. The magnificent leaf shape of a butterfly floating in the garden, not only from the beautiful appearance of the color, is a plant from South America. This plant is also known as the purple shamrock, and you can learn more about it's care and growth in the sections below:

Top oxalis information


As can be seen, this plant has numerous treatments that ensure it can ben an ornamental plant for people of all ages.

- Put simple upkeep

- Bright position, one hour of morning or afternoon sun required all year.

- Only irrigate when the top third of the soil is dry. During the growing season, avoid any prolonged drought.

- Put it in a humid spot with a view to maintain the soil moist.

- Apply fertilizer every summer and spring, then every six month when it's cooler.

Light and location


Because oxalis plants dislike direct sunlight, they should be placed in a shady  area of the house, such as a windows sill facing north, east, or west. Oxalis should not be grow in a dark, low-light environment since it can induce root rot.



Watering is critical for all ornamental plants, especially in the summer. In the summer, water liberally and avoid watering during dormancy. Plants can grow successfully in thee absence of water rather than in the presence of excessive water, which causes root arcs.



Give this plant a tray to keep it moist. Keep the humidity steady. Plants can get brown and dry due to dry air.



Fertilizer should be used during the growth and growing period. For quality growth, use the best fertilizer ideal for plants with a mixture of nutrients. By using a houseplant, fertilizer, you can extend the flowering season.

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