7 Small Hydrangea Varieties for Limited Garden

 Homiful.com - Include beautiful flowers, Hydrangea perfectly makes colorful your garden area. Be it an indoor or outdoor area. 

Finding the right Hydrangea that's a bit small and more compact, can make a difference depending on the size of your planting space. 

Check these 7 Small Hydrangea Varieties for Limited Garden.

Hydrangea Paniculata


Can call with panicle Hydrangea, this type is a sun lover. You can grow this Hydrangea in full sun for thriving, six hours or more of the sun will suit them just fine. This shrub typically gets quite large.

Hydrangea "Bella Anna"


This Hydrangea variety has a beautiful pink color that long-lasting bloom starts in spring and ends with frost in the fall. 

They will perform best if you cut the stems back to a few inches from the ground in the spring. Hydrangea Bella Anna is a great attractor for pollinators. 

The plants can thrive in partial shade to full sun and hardy in zones 4-9.

Hydrangea Quercifolia "Pee Wee"


Native to the USA, Hydrangea quercifolia or oakleaf Hydrangea is the species that stand out. It is because the leaves resemble those of an oak tree. 

The features white spring flowers that fade to pink in the fall. And its pretty oak leaf-shaped foliage is a nice deep green throughout the summer and a bright red in the fall.

Hydrangea Pistachio


This variety of Hydrangea offers special when it comes to the flower color. With lime green for the new blooms, the aging flowers will take on hues of pink creating a beautiful antique look. 

As the flowers age, the pinks will turn deeper pink and sometimes red. The bigleaf Hydrangea is hardy from ones 5-9 and thrives in partial shade.

Hydrangea "Mini Penny Royal Majestics"


Hydrangea mini penny is a flower that is sensitive to the pH of the soil and area periwinkle blue in acidic soil and pink in sweeter soils. 

They are a slow grower and at maturity will grow to 3-4 feet high and wide. This plant will bloom throughout the summer, until the first frost hits. Place them in an area with partial shade, and dappled sun.

Hydrangea "Invicibelle Spirit"


Hydrangea "Invicibelle Spirit" bears deep pink, round clusters of flowers yearly with minimal needs. This plant is easy to grow if you give them proper care from the outset. Put them in full sun, moist soil, and a wide range of climates for the best growth.

Hydrangea Macrophylla "Rhytmic Blue"


Hydrangea Rhytmic Blue can tolerate cold and is hardy zone 5-9. The soil pH-sensitive flowers can change color to a rich blue with purple centers, or a pretty pink depending on the soil.

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