7 Lucky Indoor Plants for Kitchen | Best Feng Shui Plants for the Kitchen

Homiful.com -- Creating freshness anywhere of course will provide a more perfect comfort. One area that is recommended for plants is the kitchen. Kitchens that produce various aromas and smoke when cooking sometimes make it stuffy, and the presence of plants is expected to purify the air and become a natural freshener. Not only that, plants can also be the best feng shui for rooms, including kitchens. For several types that you can have, check 7 Lucky Indoor Plants for Kitchen | Best Feng Shui Plants for the Kitchen.

Golden Pothos


Pothos has so many advantages that placing it in the kitchen will attract positive energy and allow you to move freely. Use golden pothos, which has beautiful patterned leaves, for a lovely look. Place it on a wall shelf and hang it naturally.

Lucky Bamboo


Lucky bamboo is also known as a plant that brings good luck, so it can be used in a variety of settings, including the kitchen. Planting it in water will give it an impressive display and make it the ideal kitchen decoration.



Basil, with its distinct leafy aroma, is the ideal plant for your favorite kitchen. Not only that, but basil can be used as a herb in cooking. With proper care, they can grow all year long in a brightly lit window area.

Aloe Vera


Who hasn't heard of this one plant? It has numerous advantages and is widely used in health and beauty products. They are also self-contained plants, so you won't be bothered by their presence in the kitchen; instead, aloe vera can provide positive energy for you, allowing you to move with greater enthusiasm.

Lemon Tree


Small lemon trees are also an appealing option for kitchen decoration. The fruit's bright color can bring joy to anyone who sees it, and it is a symbol of prosperity that is expected to bring good luck for enough food in the kitchen.



Lavender, with its distinctive purple flower, is one of the plants that can provide both beauty and a soothing aroma, making it an excellent choice for masking a stuffy odor in the kitchen. This plant is also thought to provide positive vibes and alleviate anxiety.



This plant with lovely flowers is not only a lovely addition to fresh tea, but it is also an excellent kitchen plant. The lovely flower is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, making it ideal for feng shui in the kitchen.




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