7 Gorgeous Ways to Display Your Plants

Homiful.com -- Are you a plant enthusiast? The presence of plants in the home has a positive effect. Among them are the purification of the air in the room and the enhancement of the room's appearance.
You must, however, arrange plants for attractive room decoration.
Plants can be displayed in a variety of ways. Here are 7 beautiful ways to display your plants!

1. Plants as gorgeous curtains


Create a cool space by using beautiful curtains. The owner arranges hanging plants near the window. So that the interior appearance also looks more charming.
Use wood and also hemp rope to hang the plants.

2. Hang air plant on the wall


Do you display an air plant like this? Attaching plants to the wall can help you save available space.
Metal shelves with gold shades also give the impression of the room looking luxurious.

3. Box-shaped standing pot


Standing pots with the shape of elongated box containers can be used t grow many plants. Containers with dark black shades offer an elegant design.
Suitable for minimalist interiors.

4. Beautiful plants baskets


The use of hanging plants can enhance the beauty of the room. The variety of hanging plants above looks unique with a combination of rattan baskets.
Not just one basket, combine multiple baskets for the best look.

5. Luminous glass cabinets


Indoor plants have many benefits. Such as beautifying the appearance of the room, to purify the air well.
Arranging plants in a closet is one of the best ideas to show off your collection. Combine it with lighting for a stand-out look.

6. Beautiful terrarium


One more way to grow plants indoors. Adding Terrarium decoration in the room will look beautiful.
Moreover, terrariums became popular and were widely used as decoration for office and home desks.

7. Houseplants with beautiful pots


 Using a beautiful pot can actually beautify the appearance of the room. The example of indoor plants above looks classy with an elegant combination of ceramic pots.

There are many potted models of ornamental plants that you can choose according to your needs.

Those are the 7 gorgeous ways to display your plants. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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