7 Beautiful Vining Plants That Offer Blue Flowers

Homiful.com -- Plants are incredible. Some have blue splashes that make any garden look stunning. Isn't it lovely to see vines blooming with blue flowers? It will entice and invite nectar seekers, making the garden even more beautiful. Check  out the blue plant at 7 beautiful vining plants that offer blue flowers.

1. Morning Glory

© Amanda Erickson

Morning glory (Ipomoea sp) is every gardener's favorite flowering vine. They are very easy to grow to fill vertical spaces or garden fences. Morning glory also has flowers with a royal hue. These magnificent blue flowers attract the bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators that grace the home garden.

2. Blue Jade Vine

© Crochetbyclaudia_'s

Blue Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) is a tropical vibe. This is a rare flowering plant that puts on a unique look in the plant kingdom. The flower are a striking blue-green color that can entice bats to act as pollinators.

3. Solitary Clematis

© Kandecermm

Clematis are great vines for trellising. You can make it into a beautiful clematis hedge in the garden. Clematis rooguchi or solitary clematis, is attractive for its inverted trumpet flowers with deep blue flowers that blend nicely with dark green foliage. This plant grows well in sunny spot.

4. Bengal Clock Vine

© Karlkarlcat

You may know this plant for Blue Trumpet Vine. These are vines with blue flowers that are great for plants growing in pergolas. They like full sun tolerate drought quite well. The unique name comes from the fact that the plants is wrapped around its support clockwise.

5. Blue Butterfly Pea


This beautiful vining plants offer stunning blue flowers. The blue flowers is popular for herbal teas that rich in antioxidants. This plant grows in various soil conditions. They grow well in full sunlight. The pollinators such as butterflies, birds, and bees love this vining plants too.

6. Plumbago

© Plumbago

Plumbago isn't really a vine. It's a hardy plant but grows like a vine. The leaves can grow up on the supports. They produce a cluster of flowers in a sky-blue color that's so stunning. 

7. Passionflower Vine

© Salvamando

These vines grow blue alluring flowers. The flowers also have a soothing heavenly fragrance. The flowers bloom in just on day, so make sure you get this precious moment. Passionflower vine will bloom especially in late summer.

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