Six Hardy Indoor Plants that Do Not Need Sunlight to Grow

Six Hardy Indoor Plants that Do Not Need Sunlight to Grow -- Plants require sunlight to grow. Indoor plants with low light, on the other hand, can be a place for plants to thrive. Some ornamental plants can grow well in low-light environments, such as a living room, bedroom, or bathroom, and have a lovely appearance. Here are six of the best indoor plants for dark rooms that are also hard to kill.


Christmas cactus


This Christmas cactus plant is easy to care for and requires little attention in terms of watering. If you have beautiful flowers, make sure to move them outside on a regular basis to promote flower and thriving growth.



Even if watering is neglected, pothos care is never in doubt. This plant is idea for beginners and thrives in both dark and light environments. In a suitable produce a plethora of deep green leaves that will require pruning to encourage new growth.

Birds of paradise plant


This leafy plant, similar to a banana tree, appears tropical in a room in a low-light house. Water this plant when the soil is dry, and it will grow well for up to 5 years to produce large flowers.

Snake plant


This snake plant is suitable for dark rooms and acts as a natural air purifiers. It is easy to care for and prone to neglect. Water this plant only when the soil is completely dry.

Spider plant


Spider plants are among the plants that are difficult to kill and grow well in low light conditions. You can keep them on your windowsill or in a hanging basket. The long leaves are visually appealing, and the green-white color is very attractive.

English ivy


English ivy is a popular outdoor plant that also serves as a low-maintenance, low-light-tolerant indoor plant. When fully grown, this green plant with white and green variations will have vines and be wavy. 

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