7 Intimate Scandi Home Decor Ideas for You

Homiful.com -- Simple Scandinavian decor is a popular home interior trend. It's due to the freedom to create an aesthetic space, while still allowing for ideal space for movement. It is a one-of-kind interior style for those who want a sense of calmness and clutter-free at home. We put together 7 ways to create a comfy and stunning room with intimate scandi home decor ideas.

1. Give yourself a cozy arrangement


Give yourself a designed-living room. Bring a cozy couch with extra cushions and throws for extra warmth. The wall corner will be more appealing with wall decor installed there. These wall objects adds an aesthetic touch to even the most secluded corners. This kind of living room not only cozy, but it also astounds guests.

2. Keep it neat

Keeping your home functional and organized, yet feeling so 'alive' can make a big impact on how you unwind there.  Having a side with thoughtfully placed furniture and a dash of natural decor will also help you decide where the view should be when in the living space.

3. More wooden ornaments


Wooden or rattan ornaments never go wrong in a Scandi-style home. Wooden elements add a warm and natural feel to a room. It's a good idea to bring wooden accessories that liven up the mood of the space. For example, filling some vertical space with rattan lampshades makes the room even more appealing.

4. Stress-free kitchen

The kitchen is where a home chef spends the majority of his/her time. The kitchen should be designed to have a stress-free environment. Keep the kitchen appliances the right place. Choose white kitchen cabinets and then add solid wood countertops. Visually, this method depicts a cozy kitchen with a bright and pleasant vibe. 

5. Stunning bathroom decor ideas


This bathroom is so elegant with natural patterned gray tiles blend nicely with the ceiling and white walls. The filtered natural light that enter through the glass window, making the bedroom bright and airy. With the addition of greenery, it looks more fresh.

6. Stairs decorating ideas

The house's staircase should have a decorative appearance that matches the Scandi-style interior. Add typical Scandinavian ornaments, such as a round mirror with a rattan wicker frame, rustic wall decor, and a wall-mounted indoor plant that refreshes the atmosphere.

7. Get a fresh patio


In any case, having a home with a patio is a good idea. Give the patio a Scandi twist by choosing a set of patio benches as shown in the image. Get yourself a shade by making wooden pergola. Smooth out the pergola by installing a soft white sheer to provide a more comfortable light to the patio.

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