7 Best Herbs that Keep Mosquitoes Away

Homiful.com -- Mosquitoes in the house do make a bad mood because of the noise and bites that make it itchy. It's time for you to think about ways to get rid of them with plants that you can use as decorations at the same time. But when you want to repel mosquitoes with herbs, you not only make them attractive decorations, you can also pick them to complete your dish. For some herbs that can repel mosquitoes, check out 7 Best Herbs that Keep Mosquitoes Away.

Lemon Thyme


Why is this herb so disliked by mosquitoes? Because this herbs has a fresh smell like oranges, and makes it difficult for mosquitoes to detect their prey. You can even pick them to rub on your arms to keep mosquitoes away.



Lavender is, of course, a popular plant for repelling mosquitoes because its scent spreads and scents the air. You can hang dry lavender or rub to release the oil, and instantly, mosquitoes will hate you.

Lemon Balm


If you look at it at a glance, you will think that this is a mint because of the resemblance because it is a family of mint which also has a distinctive aroma. This scent will make mosquitoes very disturbed, and you will find your room quiet and there is no noisy mosquito noise.



Basil, a food additive that provides a fresh and fragrant sensation in the mouth, can also help you repel mosquitoes in the room. Even when not picked, basil emits a strong odor that attracts mosquitos.



Citronella and lemongrass can be the best mosquito repellent plants because they can produce a fragrance that will cover the human scent from mosquitoes, so your skin won't itch anymore.



Apart from being a complement to a very popular dish, you must have rosemary because it can repel mosquitoes well. You can cut some of the stalks and hang them in areas frequented by mosquitoes.



Unlike cats, who really like the smell, mosquitoes really hate the smell of catnip leaves. Pick the leaves and squeeze to extract the essential oil.




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