Snow Queen Pothos Care and Propagation

Snow Queen Pothos Care and Propagation -- There are numerous varieties of pothos that can be used as indoor ornamental plants. Pothos plants are popular among gardeners due to their ease of maintenance. For an extra collection, one of these is the lovely snow queen pothos. This plant, also known as the snow queen, is native to Southeast Asia.

The heart leaf shape is similar to the others, and it will look nice in a hanging basket. If you want to own this plant, you can learn how to care for and propagate it by reading the following review:

 The amount of light required by the snow queen pothos plant


This snow queen pothos plant does not require much sunlight in general. This plant grows well in moderate light. This plant's leaves receive a small amount of chlorophyll, causing the color to change to white spots. To avoid burning the leaves, do not leave them in the sun for too long.

Requirement for water and land


Snow queen pothos plants have the same water and soil requirements as other types of pothos. Because this plant is not fussy, use a well-drained mixture of ornamental plant soil.

When repotting the plant, you can also add a handful of coconut husk. Keep the soil moist but not wet to ensure that the pothos grow well and that the roots do not rot. When watering, it is best to first assess the soil's condition.

Temperature and relative humidity


The increased humidity and temperature will enable this plant to function and reating white leaf color. If brown spots appear on the leaves, you should reconsider the plant's moisture level. This plant can also tolerate a wide range of normal room temperatures. 

It is best to keep the temperature between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, once the season have changed, you can place it outside to absorb warmth and moisture during the spring and summer seasons. Bring it inside in the fall.

Give snow queen pothos fertilizer


Once of the nutrients and food for the snow queen pothos plant is fertilizer. The nutrients will be stripped away over time, and you won't have to repot for a long time. Fertilizer can help increase fertility in plants and can be applied 3 - 4 times per month when watering.

Spread of snow queen pothos


Snow queen pothos plants are easily propagated. For the cutting method, cut 5 - 10 cm of plant stems and remove the leaves. One of them is water propagation, in which you can put a few sm of the plant's stem into a glass cup and multiply plant roots to grow.

Or with moss media for pothos cutting propagation. Simply wet the moss and squeeze out any excess water. To encourage root growth, keep the moss moist, mix in the perlite, and place it in a cup. When the plant is strong and developing roots, move it to a soil-filled pot.

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