How to Get an Anthurium to Flower FAST

How to Get an Anthurium to Flower FAST --- Did you  know that you can force anthurium to bloom faster? There are some tricks you can use to get anthurium to bloom while remaining healthy and beautiful throughout the season. There are numerous alternatives to fertilization. Take a look at the following testimonial.

Provide adequate lighting


You can give the anthurium the right lighting because it enjoys it. This plant should be kept in the sun, but not in direct sunlight. The windowsill is the best place to keep it blooming all day. Direct sunlight should be avoided because it can burnt the leaves.

Raise the humidity


The next thing you can do to encourage anthurium blooming is to add moisture to the soil. Replace it twice a week in a pot with pebbles filled with water.

Appropriate fertilization


The main key to making plants flower faster is to fertilize them more frequently. Every 10 days, apply a phosphorus-rich fertilizer containing a diluted 14 - 14 -14 mixture.

Alter the watering schedule 


Summer and winter watering schedule for anthurium are quite different. Water 1 -2 times per day during the summer.

Use the proper potting mix


Choose a well-drained potting mix if you want your anthurium to flower quickly. Flooded soil can cause havoc by drowning anthuriums and causing root rot, both of which can affect disposal.

Place it in a small pot


The best way to get anthurium to bloom is to keep it in stages until the roots are tied. Fill the pot with soil, being careful not to let the roots escape through the drainage hole. Finally remember to prune to ensure that the plant re-energizes and produces more spathe.

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