Alocasia Velvet Black Rare Care

Alocasia Velvet Black Rare Care -- Alocasia is a perennially popular ornamental plant. This plant has several interesting varieties, such as black velvet with an exotic, elegant, and silver-veined appearance. This dark velvet leaf backdrop will make the yard look bigger and more beautiful. Do you want to know how to care for this plant? See the following review for a summary:

Alocasia plant lighting


This plant, unlike other plants, prefers darkness over light. Alocasia necessitates the use of moderate to bright indirect light. When the light intensity too high, this plant will burn. Place the plant in a shady area away from artificial light sources and provide a balanced exposure to light.

Pay close attention to irrigation


Watering issues are important to consider when caring for alocasia. This plant is notoriously difficult to water. However, it is also necessary to water this plant several times, taking care not overwater it. Avoid overwatering, do not let the soil completely dry out, and keep the soil dry in cold weather.

Land requirements in Alocasia


Soil is an essential component of planting. To keep the roots areated on a daily basis, the mixture should be flowering and free of drying. This Alocasia prefers soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Peat moss, coco coir, perlit, pumice, wood chips, coarse sand, and tree bark are all suitable mixed materials.

Moisture in Alocasia


Winter may be difficult for alocasia black velvet. The danger of a peruvian mite attack is avoided by increasing the humidity of the air and applying red to the leaves. During certain season, you must plant this plant in a humid environment.

Seasonal issue


Heat, which can cause the leaves to burn and dry, is a seasonal issue in alocasia. you can bring this plant back into the room in the winter.



Lightly fertilize the alocasia. Fertilize after watering directly with a determined mixture of fertilizers to help reduce pests and increase fertility.

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