Simple Classic Design for a Breathtaking House and Garden

 Homiful.comFeeling calm after a difficult day is indeed very necessary. Especially if you come home with a chic design and are surrounded by parks, plantations, or lakes, it will certainly make you feel like you are alive again. We present some of the house designs below for you as a reference for the awesome design of the house and its surroundings.

Pretty one-storey classic house

The design of this classic house with a mansard roof does resemble a typical European style. Built on one floor, this house that has a dark white and gray design manages to make anyone feel interested in living in it. Moreover, the beautiful garden arrangement with neat paths, of course, makes this charming classic residence very suitable for resting and relaxing.

Matching white house with lush garden

What do you think after seeing the house design above? Of course, you can make it. The design of this classic two-storey house is built neatly and adapts to the conditions. You can make an open balcony overlooking the garden area as well as the lake area. So you can freely see the beautiful view from home while drinking tea.

Neat garden and path

Having a beautiful house is certainly accompanied by the right decoration and design. With a house that has a large enough yard, you can make this area with a garden or patio for relaxation. Create a beautiful garden setting and also provide paths to complement each other and make your living place stand out.

Classic with stone finishing

The appearance of the house above is very stunning. I just thought that the design of this house is very wow in today's modern and trendy era. Built on two floors, this classic house has a stone finish on its exterior.

Accompanied by plant decorations in the balcony area, making the appearance more chic and natural. Don't forget the garden around the house which is arranged in such a way, making you feel like you are in the Middle Ages.

Clean nuance with the white tone

As soon as I saw the house design above, I felt calmer and was able to relieve the stress in my head. Are you like that too? The design of the house, which has white shades, looks clean and neat. With the house overlooking the vast lake, there is a beautiful and neat garden around this classic minimalist house.

Open balcony

The design of this house located in a mountainous or hilly area looks chic with beautiful shades of orange and contrasts with the surrounding environment. Built on two floors, this house has a fairly spacious open balcony. You can decorate it by placing some ornamental plants or flowers that have a variety of colors.

That are Simple Classic Design for a Breathtaking House and Garden you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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