Classic to Modern, Here are 8 Best Elegant Home Designs This Year -- Having an elegant home design can bring satisfaction to the owner. A beautiful look with complete facilities, these Classic to Modern, Here are 8 Best Elegant Home Designs You Should Know are the best inspiration this year! Let's check this out.

1. Classic Home with Ivory White Theme

Classic homes will always steal the spotlight. This house has a modern classic look. The facade is boxy with a spacious open rooftop. The ivory color makes this house look clean and tidy, made even more perfect by the greenery.

2. Classic Elevated House

For those of you who want to have more space, making an elevated house is indeed one solution. This simple classic house looks great with 2 floors and a basement for carport. The unique elevated design is suitable for mountainous areas.

3. Classic and Traditional House

Using a traditional style, this house looks unique especially combined with a minimalist modern style. The Thai-style roof also matches the large glass windows. Suitable even for narrow land, this house is equipped with a cozy balcony to relax. 

4. Beautiful Modern House in Blue

The color choice is one of the attractive focal points in this home design. With a classic modern style, this house looks stylish yet classy. The large pillars with beautiful and neat arches are the highlight.

5. Mansard Roof Luxury House

This kind of house design is also currently gaining popularity. An elegant combination of classic and modern styles. This house looks even more magnificent, with a navy blue mansard roof that perfectly matches its clean white facade.

6. Clean House Design

This house looks clean and neat. The facade is full of carvings and decorations, so it won't be boring to look at all the time. It's even livelier thanks to the greenery.

7. Modern Minimalist House Design

Compared to the previous house designs, this house looks more minimalist. The simple and firm building lines, without many decorations, make the facade more neat. This design is favored by many young people or suitable for tropical areas with large and wide windows.

8. Classy Modern Classic House

The last is a classic modern house design that is quite interesting. The color combination of the white facade and red roof looks contrasting but looks harmonious. The classic Spanish-style exterior is beautiful, and looks magnificent even without much additional decoration.

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