Classic and Luxury House Design With House Plan -- A comfortable home is not always large in size and has all the space it needs more. But the maximum for the whole family and made according to its functions. This residence will be the best choice for a comfortable home with a family with enough bedrooms for the owner or guests who come. In addition, the spacious rear space is very helpful for circulation and absorption.

Facade Design 

The clean, classic look of this home is a relief. Symmetrical window and door details form an interesting residential accent. If the use of the fence is ignored, this dwelling will be open and also get smooth circulation. However, it needs to be balanced with the presence of a Home Garden to minimize dust or pollutants entering the home environment.

Roof House Design 

This 7 x 23 meter house has a symmetrical pyramid roof model from the front facade to the back area of the House. The advantage of having such a roof model is to provide a solid and firm residential form. Unlike the carport roof that uses a glass combination of concrete to look elegant and still stylish.

Room division

This classic house has regular size details and also the division of space is right. There are 4 bedrooms that are made evenly and straight from the back of the mosque to the back.  The family room and living room are made privacy. In addition, there is a dining room that is made semi open plan between the mini bar and the kitchen.

House plan

This classic minimalist house has the following details:

- Carport size 3.5 x 12 meters

- Garden size 3.5 x 10 meters

- Terrace size 3.5 x 2 meters

- Living room size 3.5 x 3 meters

- Mosque size 2 x 3 meters

- Family room 3.5 x 5 meters

- Master bedroom size 3.5 x 3.5 meters

- Bedroom 2 Size 3 x 3 meters

- Dining room size 4 x 4.5 meters

- Bedrooms 3 sizes and 4 sizes 3 x 3 meters

- Public bathroom size 1.5 x 2 meters

- Kitchen size 4 x 4.5 meters

- Back porch size 2 x 1.5 meters

- Rear bathroom size 2 x 1.5 meters

- Laundry room size 1.5 x 3 meters

- Garden behind the house size 4 x 1.5 meters

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Author    : Dwi

Editor     : Munawaroh

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