Fancy House Design. 12 x 25 m Modern Tropical Home Design

 Homiful.comThe design of this tropical luxury house looks chic with an amazing pattern. Still using the classic style, this two-story luxury house was built with a land area of 300 sqm (12 x 25 m) and a building area of 387 sqm. Let's just look at it for more inspiration.

Amazing house design

The fa├žade of this house looks like a classic house in general. It's just that some tropical accents decorate the design of this classic modern house to look more luxurious and charming. Some wooden elements and rocks make the appearance of the front of this house look more chic and natural.

Back view

Let's go to the back area of the house. Seen at the back of the house, this two-story house has a balcony upstairs. On the ground floor, there is a terrace that is useful as a place for you to relax enjoying the atmosphere of the backyard. You can design and decorate backyards neatly such as making ponds, gardens, and so on.

Top view

Seen from above, this house applies a pyramid roof to shade the dwelling. The dark color is a stark contrast with the design of the house which uses light colors. This is certainly good so that the house looks matching and eye-catching.

Stylish pattern

The carved patterns that adorn the exterior and interior of the house also add a neat impression to the dwelling. In addition to giving the impression of a luxurious and elegant residence, the existence of this carved pattern also improves the aesthetics of the dwelling to make it look more colorful.

Living room

Entering the interior, it looks more stunning design and no less interesting than the exterior design of the house. The combination of neutral colors as well as gold in some parts makes an expensive and extraordinary residential effect.

The placement of the right lighting also makes the interior more stunning and adds to the attractiveness of the room in this tropical luxury house.


Take a look at the bedrooms of this tropical mansion. It looks comfortable to occupy. Moreover, the right arrangement is also suitable furniture and not too many items make the room neater. The right decoration also makes the bedroom more aesthetic.

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