5+ Super Beautiful Terrace Design Plus Tips for You

 Homiful.comApart from being a relaxing area. The terrace in the house also has the function of being able to be used as an area to receive guests. Usually, the terrace is a small size, but with the right arrangement, it will make the terrace feel comfortable to use for relaxing. For that, we'll be able to review a beautiful patio design and some tips you can apply.

Minimalist terrace 1.5 x 3 m


This fairly small terrace has a neat and simple arrangement. A comfortable and refreshing atmosphere is also felt with the presence of aesthetic plants and grasses that decorate this small terrace area.

Solar-flat cantilever for cozy terrace


Transparent visuals with a solar flat canopy are suitable for your home's terrace area. In addition to making the atmosphere brighter, this canopy is suitable for those of you who live in tropical areas.

Get functional with a box planter


You can combine a cement bench on the terrace with a box planter. The function of this box planter is also as a place for the growth of plants that will decorate the terrace of your house. So this will save space and is suitable for those of you who have limited land or live in urban areas.

Spotlight at the terrace area


Usually lighting on the terrace uses a light bulb or a large lamp. However, you can change this by making spotlights the main or additional lighting in the terrace area of the house. Of course, this slick design will make a terrace in your home appear more attractive and aesthetic.

Maximize the space and design


Maximizing the existing space is perfect for terraces that have small and limited land. Besides being able to provide a spacious accent, it also makes you feel comfortable to sit and relax on the terrace of the house. You can make a terrace seat equipped with storage at the bottom. You can use this storage properly such as to store shoes or other items for example.

Aesthetic terrace with built-in furniture


In addition to the interior, the built-in technique also seems to be suitable for the terrace area of your house. Not only as storage, with the built-in, you can display some ornaments as terrace decorations to make it more attractive.

Add a fishpond to your terrace


Adding fish pond items on the terrace will certainly make a neat and soothing impression. You only need to place the fish pond in the right area and the right design to look stunning and eye-catching.

That are 5+ Super Beautiful Terrace Design Plus Tips for You you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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