3-Storey Neo-Classical Classy and Magnificent House Design (11x13 Meters)

3-Storey Neo-Classical Classy and Magnificent House Design (11x13 Meters) 

Homiful.com --  This house has an outstanding neoclassical style. With a unified and sophisticated look, minimizing intricate details is an extra point for this 3-Storey Neo-Classical Classy and Magnificent House Design (11x13 Meters). The combination of neoclassical and modern architectural spaces is very magnificent and eye-catching. We invite you to take a look at this impressive design idea. Admire its perfect beauty!!!

The homeowner wants to have a luxurious and comfortable living space with a soft and delicate beauty. The house impresses with symmetrical lines, strong shapes, and open surfaces close to nature. The harmonious combination of colors is an important element that creates a perfect whole. 

Seen in the picture, the project chose white porcelain as the main color. It helps to highlight the meticulous cornice details and the elegant blue color of the Japanese roof system. With the black color of the door frame and high-quality tiles, it presents a luxurious and attractive appearance.

The square and round pillar system is perfectly combined. The sturdy square column base helps the entire 3-story neoclassical house model to be strong while remaining soft and flexible. Beautiful chandelier system, magical golden light. Along with classic decorative wall lights. This further reveals the beautiful scenery for the neoclassical villa design at night.

Open floor door system with large openings. Helps the interior receive maximum natural light and breeze. Provides spacious, airy rooms and beautiful garden views. Beautifully shaped playground canopy. Not only covers the scorching sun and rain, but also becomes a prominent highlight, very modern and youthful.

In front of the house, a small space is reserved for gardens, miniature landscapes, and trees. Combined with small potted plants in the play area on the 2nd and 3rd floors, it provides a comfortable space for homeowners to play and relax. The parking garage is roomy and very easy to get around. It really is an amazing place to live, isn't it?

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Author        : Rieka

Editor        : Munawaroh

Source        : PHUONG DONG HOUSE 

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