13 x 13 m Classy House Design with 5 Bedrooms

Homiful.com -- What kind of home design do you want? Do you like timeless classic style? Indeed, classic home designs never seem to bore anyone. From year to year, houses with classic styles are still stunning. This is certainly approved by cross-generations though. 

This home design idea might be perfect for your new home, which has 5 bedrooms and other amazing facilities. Check out this 13 x 13 m Classy House Design with 5 Bedrooms.

Front view

This house design has a nice appearance with a grand classic structure. The large pillars that support the small roof on the porch and balcony make a more attractive impression on this house. 

On the top floor, there are open balconies on the right and left sides. The use of railings that blend with the wall makes the house appear more harmonious and beautiful.

Rear view

On the back view, this house uses a simple design with neat lines on the walls like a European style that provides nice details. The window with a beautiful frame is a stunning touch that gives the house a more impressive aesthetic from various sides.

First floor plan

The size needed to build a house with a design like this is 13 x 13.6 meters with a foundation that must be sturdy because it has a 3-story structure. On the first floor there is a porch, foyer, living room, open and private dining room, bathroom, kitchen, classic style staircase, bedroom with private bathroom.

Second floor plan

 The second floor has a smaller size because it is designed with voids that are left open so that the house looks taller and less stuffy. On the second floor, there is a family room with a balcony, 3 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. In addition, there is also another staircase leading to the third floor.

Third floor plan

The third floor has several rooms that are complementary facilities in this house. There is a lounge with access to an open balcony, there are 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom near the stairs, and also a cozy workspace with a private bathroom so that the owner will be more comfortable when working at home.

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Author      : Hafidza
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