Fancy 3-Story Modern Classic House Design with Elegant Interiors -- With a perfect blend of classic and modern elements, creating new innovations, luxurious and exquisite beauty and no less comfort, semi-classic 3-storey house designs have been and are very popular. Popular, many families choose to bring a sense of class to their homes. In today's article, we introduce to readers Fancy 3-Story Modern Classic House Design with Elegant Interiors, let's find out together!

Semi-Classic Modern House Design

Semi-Classic House

Semi-classical design not only makes the house more luxurious, but also shows the class of the owner because of the subtle architectural beauty that never goes out of style. This house comes with its classic style that is very eye-catching on the facade. 

Facade Design Ideas

Facade Design Ideas

The white facade, beautifully accented with the distinctive classic carving pattern, matches the black color. The house is also equipped with spacious balconies, and several large pillars that support it perfectly. You can also see the details of using marble motif tiles on some of the front porch walls. This house also feels cool thanks to the minimalist garden that surrounds it.

Side View of The House

Side View

In addition to a beautiful appearance, it is also very necessary to pay attention to the house layout. A neat layout will certainly make us feel more comfortable living there. This house is equipped with many windows and vents in various sizes according to the needs of each room. From the side, we can also see the smart and space-saving staircase with a spiral and minimalist model, very classy!

Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

The ground floor includes: 

- Living room 

- Kitchen 

- Garage 

- 1 Bedroom 

- 1 Common Bathroom 

The functional ground floor plan is laid out with the living room right at the main entrance. Opposite the living room, the kitchen and dining room are designed close to the garden area, providing fresh air for the family. Directly from the living room, you will see a unique spiral staircase, on the right side there is a common bathroom. The ground floor has 1 bedroom and next to the master bedroom is the garage area. 

First Floor Plan

For the first floor, it is designed according to the needs and preferences of each family member. The first floor includes:

- 1 Bedroom with private dressing room and enclosed bathroom

- 2 Kids Bedrooms with private bathrooms

- 3 Balcony

Second Floor Plan

The 2nd floor includes: 

- 1 Prayer room 

- 1 Bedroom with separate toilet 

- Laundry room 

The 2nd floor is designed with a separate prayer room with doors to the balcony and terrace to help create an airy and quiet worship space for homeowners. The 2 terraces on both sides , will be an ideal place for entertaining or gathering for cooking and parties for the whole family, whatever you prefer. The terrace can also be a place to plant trees and flowers to create a green space for the house.

Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room

The living room is designed to the smallest detail to bring class and elegance. The pure white color combined with a set of leather sofas with a light brown color, a tea table with a unique design and decorative items such as wall paintings, ornamental plants and curtains create an outstanding highlight for the overall interior of the living room. In addition to adding interest to the beauty of the room, a high-end chandelier to help the interior become more sparkling and unique.

Dining Area and Kitchen

Dining Area and Kitchen

The kitchen interior is also one of the main spaces that are important as a place to maintain the warmth and happiness of a family. The kitchen space should not only be beautifully designed but should also be spacious, odor-free and feng shui compliant. The kitchen area is neatly arranged and equipped with a modern hood system combined with large glass doors to help effectively eliminate odors when in use.

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