3-Storey Classic House Design with Tropical Accent

 Homiful.comWhat do you think of a classic house? Luxurious, charming, and timeless, right? Well, below we will discuss classic houses that have tropical accents. So it will make you feel relaxed when you see or live in it. Let's just go straight ahead.

Classic house design

First, the appearance of this classic house built on 3 floors looks charming. Combined with modern style, a house that has a dominant white or broken white color looks chic and fresh. In order not to be monotonous, give a touch of contrasting colors such as gray or black to make the house more attractive.

Pretty curve

Furthermore, you can see, that this 3-story house has the right arch and everything looks beautiful. Whether it's the arch on the wall at the top or the arch on the windows and doors.

Corner view

Seen from the corner, this classic house has a difference in floor height at the back. However, the use of a flat roof that protects this house looks neat and fit. In addition to the use of a cast deck as a roof, you can make a roof at the back of the house or a backyard wearing a transparent roof.

Top view

While viewed from above, this house looks charming with a flat roof and has levels on each floor. On the top floor, there is a spot used to place water reservoirs. There is a small building that can be used as a rooftop or laundry area equipped with clotheslines.

Fresh with plants

The exterior decoration of the front of the house with plants makes the atmosphere more natural and fresh. You can make a small garden in the balcony area. Arrange it in such a way as to look neat and neat. You can also accent curtains by hanging vines in the balcony area of this classic house.

Amazing mini garden

And inside the house, there is a beautiful small garden suitable for you to relax in. You can grow plants in a box planter for more efficiency. Then add lighting to make the atmosphere more romantic and fun.

That are 3-Storey Classic House Design with Tropical Accent you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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