Warm Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Homiful.com -- Living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, as it can give a deep and special impression to the guests who visit. Of course, a beautiful living room design will also give a positive vibe. Upgrade the look of the living room in your home with these Warm Modern Living Room Design Ideas! Warm interior design that will make you feel comfortable.

Warm Up With a Fireplace


For those of you who live in cold areas or who experience winter, having a fireplace can be one of the best ideas. A fireplace can warm you and your family in this small space, while building intimacy between each other. There are many modern fireplace models, so it will still be attractive and fit into modern interiors.

Minimalist Design


Modern interior design mostly adapts the minimalist style as well. Minimalist design will create a neat, clean and organized impression. Although it looks simple because there are not many items and decorations, this living room still looks charming. 

Neutral Modern Colors


Modern home designs also use neutral colors, such as black, white, and gray. This living room also comes with neutral colors but still seems warm and spacious. Thanks to the wooden furniture and also the large windows on the side of the room.

Cozy With Modern Boho Interior


If you love bohemian style and want to bring it into your modern interior, then this is for you. The living room looks clean and spacious with the dominant white color, and warm tone accents warm up the mood. Decorations such as a boho patterned rug or makrame can be added as a finishing touch.

Feel Fresh With Houseplants


The presence of indoor houseplants can be the perfect idea to freshen up the atmosphere. There are many types of indoor plants that you can customize according to the needs of the room. Not only are they beautiful, but they can even help to clean the air, making it healthier!

Aesthetic Decorations


Create a more interesting feel with creative and aesthetic room decorations. This living room is cozy with its 2 seater sofa and a minimalist standing lamp. The checkerboard motif rug, and other creative wall decorations, are mesmerizing!

Soft Japandi Style Colors


If you love the warm and minimalist style of japandi, then this is perfect! This small living room uses a variety of wooden furniture with minimalist shapes. The colors used also tend to be bright and soft, giving it a warm and cozy feel. Floral and macrame accents finish off the look!

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