Benefits of the Lucky Bamboo Plant

Benefits of the Lucky Bamboo Plant -- Lucky bamboo is one of the most popular gift plants, did you know that this beautiful plant also has many other benefits? Lucky Bamboo is a tropical plant known as dracaena sanderiana rather than a true bamboo. In China, this plant is considered a sign of good fortune and wealth. This plant has also gained popularity in Western culture, with some people taking it into their daily lives and using it in fields like as martial arts, tai chi, and yoga. Let's find all the benefits of the lucky bamboo plant below!

Low Maintenance


Lucky Bamboo is a very popular indoor plant. The plant requires little maintenance; it does not require direct sunshine and may thrive in indirect light as well. Besides, you may just water it when the soil is dry. That is why this plant is ideal as a gift.

Room Decoration


Because the plant requires little maintenance, it is ideal for use as an office or houseplant. Lucky Bamboo also comes in lovely pots and makes an excellent item of decor. Furthermore, the plant represents prosperity and is in high demand around New Year's and other religious festivals.

Aquarium Plant


Lucky Bamboo provides air and oxygen to aquarium water, which is beneficial to the fish. Usually, the plant thrives when its leaves are out of the water, the plant may be grown in water even if it is not in an aquarium. So easy to propagate!

Vary in Size


The plant comes in a variety of sizes, and you may choose one based on your needs. You may purchase a large plant for your living room, a medium one for your dining table, and a little lucky bamboo for your workplace desk!

Part of the Feng Shui


Feng Shui is a way of maintain peace. People all over cultures believe in good energy. The Lucky Bamboo Plant has been utilized for hundreds of years to boost happiness, well-being, safety, and balance. 

Cultural Importance According to Feng Shui

Bamboo plants, in Chinese culture, represent prosperity and longevity. Feng Shui consists of five primary elements: earth, water, wood, fire, and metal. When you plant lucky bamboo in a ceramic container with a metal trim and a red ribbon, it shows all five elements together. The value of the plant also varies by how many of its stems:

- Two stalks of the plant represent love.

- Three stalks represent happiness, called Fu. Wealth called Lu, and long life called as Soh.

- If the plant has five stalks, then it represents the five major areas – Intuitive, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, and Mental.

- Six stalks of the plant represent money and luck.

- If you have lucky bamboo that has seven stalks, it represents good health for the entire family.

- Eight stalks represent personal or business growth.

- Nine stalks represent luck of a great kind.

- If you are someone who loves perfection, a lucky bamboo, with ten stalks, represents the same!

- 21 stalks, though not common, represent a powerful blessing.

The number four is associated with death in Chinese culture. So, you'll never find a lucky bamboo plant with four stalks. Gifting someone can also considered offensive and impolite.

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