Beautiful Modern Bungalow House Design 69 SQM 2 Bedrooms

Beautiful Bungalow House Design 69 SQM 2 Bedrooms -- Houses that have a bungalow style are often a favorite for most people. Its simple appearance with a bit of modern accents, will make a warm, cozy, and inviting feel. As in the following Beautiful Bungalow House Design 69 SQM 2 Bedrooms. Not only beautiful but also has the best facilities for your beloved little family. Let's check the design details below!

Modern Bungalow Design

A charming look, with a mix of simple bungalow style and cool modern style. The facade details are beautiful, with strong building lines. On the side of the front porch there are 2 pillars that are also designed to form an arch, making the facade more eye-catching. The use of gray and white colors, with a hint of black makes a neat and clean impression.

Front and Side Terrace

Like most bungalow houses, this house has a comfortable terrace for relaxing. The front side terrace looks wider than the terrace on the side of the house. Secure design with minimalist railing. Add a chair or sofa, with a small table, and this terrace is ready for your quality time!

Roof Design

For the roof, this house has a roof with a model that is not simple. Adapting the roof design of a classic house, this roof also has a slightly complex combination shape, which combines the gable and pyramid models. Thanks to that, it looks more elegant. Also, the dark color chosen matches perfectly with the minimalist white facade. Perfect!

Neat Room Layout

Not only is the exterior and interior charming, this house also has a neat room layout. The room divisions are just right for each according to their function. Since this house is only 69 sqm, it is crucial to pay attention to the space layout for maximum comfort!

Floor Plan

House features:

Floor Area: 69 SQM.(6.0 m. x 11.5 m.) | 742 SQFT.(19.68 Ft. x 37.72 Ft.)

- 2 Bedrooms

- 2 Toilet & Bath

- Living Area

- Dining Area

- Kitchen

- Laundry Area

- Front & Back Porch/Terrace

Estimated cost: PhP 1,725,000 for Standard finish –(69 SQM. x 25,000)

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Author        : Rieka

Editor        : Munawaroh

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