Awesome Monochrome Mansion with Golden-Toned Interior

 Homiful.comThe magnificent appearance of the mansion built on 3 floors looks amazing. The white and black color combination design provides a timeless residential accent. Surrounded by a natural atmosphere, it gives the impression of a more relaxing residence and is suitable for looking for inspiration.

Facade design

Seen from the front, the exterior design of this house has a distinctive accent in the style of a classic house. Arches that adorn windows and doors and gold colors that waft from the interior make the house look charming. The spacious yard has an amazing design and arrangement that makes anyone feel at home to look at it.

Back view

Similar to the front view of the house, the back view also looks the same and there is also a swimming pool in the backyard. The only difference is in the back area of the house, this terrace is overgrown with creeping greenery that gives a fresh and natural residential accent.

Elegance living room

A combination of luxurious colors adorns the interior of the living room in this 3-story mansion. Beautiful plant decoration on the table gives a soft impression of the design of this room. Not to forget the carpet that adorns also makes the room feel warmer.

Bedroom design

The bedroom is carefully designed and comfortable, making anyone feel at home to rest in it. The texture on the walls that adorn the bedroom also helps make the room look more voluminous and airy.

Kitchen area

The inline kitchen equipped with a kitchen island looks stunning with black color and a touch of gold. The kitchen island which can also function as a mini bar or dining table feels more functional. Not to forget the hidden lamp that adorns the kitchen makes it feel comfortable and not gloomy.

Mysterious stairway

In the dominance of black, makes this staircase area look mysterious and dark. Moreover, items such as carpets, stair dividers, and black walls also make the atmosphere more mysterious and intimate. Install good lighting and combine it with other colors on the floor below or above so that this staircase area looks more stunning.

Black bathroom

Likewise, the bathroom is designed with dark colors. A little touch of gold and other bright colors make the bathroom not too dark and gloomy. You can install more than one lamp or lighting source. Put it in an area that is suitable so that the bathroom also has a beautiful and comfortable side.

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Author    : Yuniar

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