7 Easy Houseplant That Anyone Can Keep Alive

Homiful.com -- There are many houseplants that can withstand almost any condition. The greatest simple and low-maintenance plants are ideal for anybody looking to get their feet wet but worries about dying (yet another) houseplant. Find the suitable plants in the 7 Easy Houseplants That Anyone Can Keep Alive list below!

Golden Pothos


Golden pothos is one of the most forgiving plants known; give this vining beauty plenty of light and it will grow fast. However, it is also quite tolerant of low light levels, making it an ideal plant for beginners. Water when the top a few inches of soil are dry.

ZZ Plant


This ZZ plant is hardy and simple, requiring just low to bright indirect light. Make things easy, even for beginners. It also doesn't mind missing a watering and loves to be mostly dry before getting a big, long drink.

Boston Fern


Boston fern requires more humidity than sunshine, making it an ideal plant for bathrooms or kitchens. That's why it's often hanging on Southern front porches, when the light is low and the air is humid and warm. Spray it with a mist in between waterings to keep it look fresh.

Kalanchoe Flapjack


This succulent's bite-sized leaves resemble pancakes, which means its pleasant name. However, it is not always a small stack, as it can grow to be more than 12 inches tall. Direct sunlight helps to bring out the lovely pinkish-red pigments on the margins of the leaves.

String of Pearls


With such a lovely name, how could you not buy it? This succulent, which resembles an exquisite string of pearls, grows quickly when given enough of light. Place it in bright, indirect light and water when the top few inches of soil appear dry.

Aloe Vera


This attractive succulent requires almost no maintenance. Give it bright, indirect light and water once or twice a week when it is mostly dry. The gel-like substance hidden inside each leaf can help treat minor burns (tear off an outer leaf to use).

Cuddly Cactus


Last but not least, the easiest plant to take care of is definitely the cactus! This little cactus is drought-tolerant and loves the sun, living true to its name. Unlike most of its siblings, it lacks sharp spines, making it perfect for homes with curious kids and pets.

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