3-Storey Neoclassical House Design with Mansard Roof

 Homiful.comThis 3-storey luxury house that has a neoclassical design with a mansard roof looks chic and comfortable. The size of the house on the first floor is 130 sqm + 14 sqm lobby + 14 sqm wet yard. Second floor area of 130 sqm + 24 sqm balcony. And the third floor measures 121 sqm + 21 sqm balcony. Let's look at the details below presented to you.

Exterior design

As the name suggests, this 3-storey luxury house that applies neoclassical style looks stunning with a combination of classic and modern design. Neoclassical is an architectural style in the 18th century that is usually characterized by houses not having domes or towers. Often the fa├žade of buildings is usually flat and long.

Facade view

The design of the house that applies the mansard roof with its neoclassical style looks stunning and timeless. Mansard roof often referred to as the French roof looks slick with its four-sided design which has a limited slope at the top and steep at the base.

This type of roof is in the form of a steep descent at the level of the lower arrangement so that it becomes a kind of shield that protects the building. While the bottom side can be flat or curved depending on the preference of the building.

Side view

The side view of this 3-story house is very typical with neoclassical style. With frames on windows that have unique and distinctive arches and patterns, the house looks chic among the shades of white which is the basic color of the exterior of this 3-story house

Top view

Seen from above, this house looks chic with its design that extends backward. With a large enough yard, you can make it a carport that can accommodate up to several vehicles.

Floor plan

The floor plan above is one of the pictures showing part of the 3rd floor. For details of the features of this 3-storey house, it can be explained as follows:

The first floor features a main hall, side hall, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and wet yard.

While on the second floor consists of a common room, 2 master bedrooms, bathroom, and balcony.

And for the third floor, consists of an altar room, 2 bedrooms, laundry room, gym room, bathroom, and balcony.

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Author    : Yuniar

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