Why Does the Jade Plant Dormant?

 Homiful.comThe Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) is part of the succulent plant. They include attractive plants and are native to South Africa. One of the popular houseplants, in fact, the jade plant also experienced several problems, including dormancy. Then how to solve it? Let's look at some information about the dormancy of the Jade plant.

Jade plants go dormant in winter


Jade plants can survive in winter but they can't get too cold. Generally in winter, Jade plants will enter a dormant period and they will be active again in summer or spring.

They also tolerate low temperatures below 40 degrees F but if they continue, they will begin to collapse. This dormancy period is needed by plants so that they stay healthy and continue to grow.


Signs of the Jade plant entering the dormant period can be seen from its slow development, thinner leaves, and rough texture. Make sure you adjust their care in this period of dormancy, by reducing watering and only doing it when the soil is completely dry. Place them in a cool, dry area because high temperatures can cause plants to use stored energy reserves faster.

The sign if your jade plant is overly dormant


When dormant, it is normal for the Jade plant to have a thin appearance and fallen leaves. However, if the dormancy period has passed, and the Jade plant still has signs of dormancy, then you need to pay attention to them as this is a sign of trouble.

Note if the leaves wither and the stems are thin and brittle, indicating the Jade plant is not getting enough water or is exposed to cold temperatures.

You need to move it to a warm place. If the leaves are yellow or brown, it can be root rot due to excessive watering.

Benefit when the jade plant gets dormant


Some of the benefits of Jade plant dormancy are that they can rest and save energy and resources that can be used when out of dormancy. This makes the Jade plant more resistant to periods of drought and other harsh conditions.


Another benefit is that it can help the Jade plant prepare for the next growing season by storing energy and nutrients. So with dormancy, the Jade Plant will be able to rest from growth and can concentrate on building its strength.

How to care for them during dormancy


Care that can be done during the dormancy period of the Jade plant is to reduce the amount of water when watering and also reduce fertilization. You can water when the soil is completely dry and also mist the leaves to keep them looking fresh.

For fertilizing, apply a light layer of fertilizer to help the plants be stronger and fresher during this period. Place the jade plant in a cool, dry area. Try to keep them away from heat sources or direct sun.

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