Guide Care You Must Know. How To Care Scindapsus?

 Homiful.comNative from Southeast Asia, Scindapsus or Silver Satin is one of the popular ornamental plants that are often encountered. The heart-shaped appearance of the leaves makes these plants more attractive and they belong to the fast-growing vines. Below are some ways to care for Scindapsus ornamental plants for you.



Place this ornamental plant in an area that has indirect light. And they can thrive in medium lighting and tolerate it in low lighting.



Do it when the soil dries out between waterings. Usually, watering can be done every 1 to 2 weeks. When Scindapsus is placed in a brighter light area, you can carry out frequent watering. And when in a lower-light area, you can reduce the intensity of watering.

Humidity & temperature


Scindapsus can withstand any humidity, so you don't need to worry. For temperature, make sure Scindapsus lives in an area of 65 to 75 degrees F. Do not leave them in areas with temperatures below 60 degrees F.

Common issues


Actually, Scindapsus is a relaxing plant and easy to care for. Problems that are often experienced in Scindapsus are usually lack of water and overwatered. If there is a lack of water, they will have symptoms of leaves starting to wither and curl. As for overwatering, the symptoms are Scindapsus leaves will begin to turn yellow and wet potting mix.

Are they toxic?


Scindapsus can turn toxic when they are ingested. It's best to keep Scindapsus away from pets and small children to be safer.

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