Fresh Boho Interior Design Ideas With Houseplant

Fresh Boho Interior Design Ideas With Houseplant -- Interior design has a ton of ideas and creativity that we can pour into it. This house itself combines a unique and vintage boho decor style, with ornamental plants that make it feel so fresh. Let's see how interesting the interior of the house is below!

Living Room Ideas

Living Area

A little living in a million colors. This tiny living room looks very lively with its interior decorations and beautiful greenery. Equipped with a single 2-seater sofa in a beautiful green color and a coffee table made of wood and rattan in front of it. A large monstera is a highlight for this room.

Balcony Ideas


Balcony area with vintage and rustic minimalist boho style. Wooden and rattan decorations adorn this area and make it more unique. The small balcony is furnished with a set of rattan chairs and table, as well as a hammock. Imagine relaxing here in the afternoon or evening while enjoying a cup of your favorite drink with your loved ones.

Bedroom Ideas


A very cozy-looking bedroom with a shady and lush jungle-style look. The vines seem to dangle neatly. The choice of bed linen really affects the appearance of the bedroom. This bedroom also looks bright thanks to the large window on the side.

Coffee Corner Ideas

Coffee Corner

If you have an empty corner at home, you can turn it into a more useful place. For example, like this coffee corner. Tiny yet cozy. Equipped with an outboard wall table and 2 wooden cafe-style chairs. You can place a coffee machine and your favorite coffee ingredients here.

Work Desk Ideas


A calm and comfortable atmosphere will make us feel happy too. A desk facing the window will give you a pleasant experience while working. Also, decorate it with various plant scenery to make it fresher.

Kitchen Ideas


A cozy tiny kitchen, equipped with a simple kitchen set with full upper and lower cabinets and plenty of storage space to keep the kitchen neat and clean. The aesthetic interior with a combination of white and warm earthy tones makes the impression of a wider room. Greenery is also very helpful to make the room more lively.

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