Fast-Growing 7 Houseplants That Look Bushier and Lush

Fast-Growing 7 Houseplants That Look Bushier and Lush -- If you like to enjoy a tropical feel indoors but don't want to wait too long, don't worry. We have some amazing plants that will grow quick. Fast-Growing 7 Houseplants That Look Bushier and Lush can give you that forest-like vibe in no time!

Peace Lily


The Peace Lily is popular for its lush, deep green leaves and stunning white flowers. This plant leaves grow directly from the soil and multiply fast. This plant requires little maintenance, water regularly, if the leaves look droopy it means the peace lily is thirsty.

Monstera adansonii


One of the monstera variants with leaves that are quite small compared to other types. This vine is also quite popular with its slit leaves. Swiss Cheese Vine is a fast-growing vining plant whose bushy look adds a touch of nature to your indoor garden.



Philodendron is one of those houseplants that is known for being easy to care for and fast growing! Heart leaf Philo must be your first choice for becoming lush and growing quickly! Its fast growth and cascading vines will give character to hanging baskets.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


The Fiddle Leaf Fig can be one of the more standout choices out of all the houseplants on this list. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is another unusual treasure! Its huge leaves quickly provide a foresty feel to any area, and the size of it makes it look larger than it is.

Senecio macroglossus (Natal Ivy)


Different from other vines, Natal ivy has a unique and attractive leaf shape with a two-tone color. Natal Ivy, with its emerald green leaves and trailing growth, is an easy and fast way to add lushness to your indoor gardens.

Spider Plant


Who doesn't know this plant? Spider plants are the most popular ornamental plants because they are easy to care for even for beginners. The Spider Plant, with its arching green and white striped leaves, grows quickly! You can also fast propagate it from its pup, producing a small ecosystem of its own!

Golden Pothos


Looks similar to philodendron, golden pothos is also one of the most popular creeping houseplants! When it comes to fast growth, Golden Pothos is supreme! It also requires little maintenance and performs well in low light conditions.

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