Cozy Minimalist Bedroom Ideas With Gorgeous Houseplants

Cozy Bedroom Ideas With Gorgeous Houseplants -- The bedroom is one of the rooms that should be the most comfortable place for us to rest from the fatigue of daily activities. Of course, a beautiful bedroom design will also make us satisfied. What happens if the bedroom is decorated with ornamental plants? Let's have fun designing a minimalist bedroom to turn it into a super charming one!

Minimalist Bedroom

The first idea came from this humble bedroom. It looks minimalist and neat with a white and beige combination. The wooden bed with a slim model does not make the room seem full and cramped, while still providing comfort. The vines are left dangling beautifully as decorations. On the side of the bed there is also a medium-size rubber plant with a beautiful rattan pot.

Large Plants for Statement


Each plant has different shapes and variants. Each also has its own impression when used as decoration for the room. For example, large plants like this will make a different impression from vines. If you want a simple and minimalist look, then you can use tall plants like this alone to get an impression on the room.

Making Shelves on the Wall


To fill the void in your walls, you can try this unique idea. Create a shelf on the wall, so that the design is built into the wall and not sticking out. This shelf design is minimalist and space saving, you can use it to place some houseplants and room decorations, or even your favorite book collection.

Tall Houseplant


Instead of plants with large leaves, you can also use slim but tall plants like this olive tree. Its small leaves are very beautiful, matching the minimalist concept of this bedroom.

Wall Mounted Shelves


The following are the most common ways to decorate a bedroom. You can add some wooden shelves and attach them to the wall neatly. Various types of plants can be seen decorating this shelf. Starting from easy-care types such as succulents, to vines that dangle beautifully. On the side of the bed there are also wide-leaved plants.

Cozy Attic Room


The last inspiration is the loft bedroom design. Usually, attic areas tend to be narrow and difficult to decorate. But this bedroom has a beautiful look with a simple minimalist design style. The ornamental plants seem to decorate all sides of the room well, and give the feel of a jungle.

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