Cozy Backyard Design Ideas For Relaxing This Entire Year

Cozy Backyard Design Ideas For Relaxing This Entire Year -- Having a large backyard is one of the advantages that you can make the best use of. Instead of being empty and unkempt, turn it into a super cozy relaxing place like in the following "Cozy Backyard Design Ideas For Relaxing This Entire Year"! Some of these designs are suitable for small to spacious backyards.

Green Backyard with House Plants

Turn your backyard into some green spots like this. The fence and wooden flower bed are filled with beautiful greenery. Even on the poles and roof, the vines are neatly climbing and making this relaxing area more shady. This area is also equipped with a set of wooden garden chairs, and there is also a hanging chair in the corner.

The Circular Seating Table


A unique look with a circular style. The floor uses red bricks arranged in a zigzag yet neat manner, with a fire pit in the center, and 9 wooden garden chairs surrounding it. An elegant looks thanks to the combination color of black and red brick.

Small But Cozy


The following idea is suitable for those of you who have a small backyard. You can add a relaxing area with a few chairs with additional foam seating for comfort. In the middle you can make a simple fireplace with some wooden blocks.

More Shady with Canopy


To make it more shady, you can add a canopy or roof to this relaxing spot. This place itself is equipped with a wide canopy with canvas material in a beautiful brown color. There is a long table with a long chair and also 3 additional chairs, perfect for gathering with family or loved ones.

Simple Design

This yard design is perfect for those of you who like a neat and minimalist look with easy maintenance. The ground is covered with a large green grass, with an additional stone slab path to the relaxing area. The relaxing area is equipped with 3 wooden garden chairs, and a fire pit in the middle.

Aesthetic Design

This backyard design is very minimalist and aesthetic. The ground is covered with green grass, with checkered paving blocks that are neatly arranged specifically in the relaxing area. For the relaxing area, there is a long L-shaped chair with a fire pit in the middle. You can also add some garden chairs or cushions for extra comfort.

Create a Simple, Picnic-like Scene that's Cozy

No need to travel, you can experience and create a cozy relaxing picnic in your backyard anytime! This backyard design is perfect for a small picnic. You can roll out a cozy carpet, then add some soft cushions to relax with your family. Even at night, this area is still beautiful and romantic with the right lighting set-up.

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