Best Way to Create Vertical Garden With Succulent Ideas

Best Way to Create Vertical Garden With Succulent Ideas -- Succulents are one of the easiest plants to take care of even for children and beginners alike. With so many variants, succulents can be an interesting decoration idea to create a natural impression but does not require extra care. If you're interested in vertical gardening, try these tips on how to landscape succulents!

Removable Basket for Outdoor


Vertical gardening is the art of organizing plants vertically, either on walls or shelves and the like. The following idea can be applied to outdoor areas with walls or fences, such as in this swimming pool area. On the side there is a wooden board, here you can attach several removable baskets. Because they are easy to move, you can arrange them, either adding or removing them at will. 

DIY Timber Flower bed

This idea is suitable for those of you who are diligent and creative. If you have wooden planks or used wooden materials, you can turn them into something more useful. For example, by making a flower bed like this. A unique triangular design with a small size that can accommodate succulents neatly. You can arrange it horizontally or vertically, just be creative!

Artwork Succulent


You can also create a vertical garden with a modern and luxurious design. Like this example, several types of succulents are lined up very neatly like a 3D painting in a black frame. It is suitable for use as a wall decoration for a fancy and luxurious home.

Round Potted Succulent


You can also customize your vertical garden into certain shapes. For example, you can combine it with this peacock-shaped wall decor. You can arrange several succulent pots to form the beautiful tail of this bird. The pots also look unique with their clay material and round shape, matching the natural colors of the succulents.

Circular Wall Planter Decor


Doesn't it look unique and interesting? Decorative design in a colorful round frame. Instead of showing the pot directly, you can see the succulent that seems to be embedded in this plotter along with the pot. You can see the layers of rocks used, and you can customize the layers with different rocks if you want.

Combine With Vines


For a deeper effect, you can also add vines to your succulent decoration art. Like in this vertical garden, you can see several types of succulents installed and arranged neatly in the frame. At the bottom, there are additional succulent strings that dangle, as if they are curtains, and make this side even more eye-catching.

Simple Round Succulent


The following idea is probably one of the most popular. You can make a succulent decoration with a round shape like this. You can combine it with a wooden planter or even ceramic material like this.

Combine with Other Plants


 If you want a more eye-catching look, you can combine succulents with various other plants. The following idea creates a vertical garden with the concept of hanging plants. A thick wooden stick is used as a support to hang the plants with the help of rope and lovely macrame. 

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